Top Dances 2016

Each year I compile the list of favorite dances throughout the San Francisco Bay Area from the beginning of the year ’til the end.  The list comes from my own “expert” opinion!  Some dances may not be favorites all year long, but those that do disappear earlier in the year were still as much of our favorites as those toward the end of the year were. REMEMBER:  The list only includes dances choreographed in 2016.  (Red indicates dances using country music.) The Top 45 of 2016 are:
About Feelings, Ria Vos (1/16)
Blackpool By The Sea, Gaye Teather (2/16)
Blessed, Jackie Miranda (6/16)
Cake By The Ocean, Scott Blevins (1/16)
Carry You Home, Fred Whitehouse (4/16)
Corazon Diamonte, R.Verdonk, M.Gallagher, G.O’Reilly (4/16)
Dance Like Your Daddy, Julia Wetzel (5/16)
Die A Happy Man, R. McEnaney-White, J. Warren (2/16)
Digital Age, Roy Verdonk, Jose Vane, Daniel Trepat (3/16)
Feel Good, Shane McKeever (4/16)
Frankie Fever, Madison Glover (6/16)
Gypsy Queen, Hazel Pace (5/16)
Handclap, Bracken Ellis, Brandon Zahorsky (5/16)
Harden Up Princess, Simon Ward (6/16)
Heaven On Earth, Simon Ward, Malene Jakobsen (10/16)
I Came To Love You, Gary O’Reilley, Dee Musk (9/16)
I Know A Guy, Simon Ward (4/16)
Italiano, R. McEnaney-White, N. Poulsen, S. McKeever (10/16)
Keep It Groovin’, J.Thompson Szymanski, S. Blevins (10/16)
Lemonade, Jo Thompson Szymanski, Malene Jakobsen (9/16)
Making History, Craig Bennett, Dee Musk, Simon Ward (1/16)
Maybe Tomorrow, Niels Poulsen, Malene Jakobsen (7/16)
Mom The Bomb!, Niels Poulsen, Alexis Strong (5/16)
My Church, Rafel & Ariadna Corbi (4/16)
Neverland, Rhoda Lai, Jo Kinser, Ruben Luna (9/16)
Pieces, Dustin Betts (6/16)
Pom Poms, F. Whitehouse, D. Trepat, G. Richard (10/16)
Recovering, Guilluame Richard (9/16)
Rock And Roll Music, Rachael McEnaney-White (6/16)
Shady, Fred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey, Amy Glass (12/16)
Slamming Doors, Rob Fowler (1/16)
So Dance Dance Dance, Jose Vane, Guilluame Richard (5/16)
Solo Amor, R.Fowler, F.Buckley, V.Scott, JP.Madge (4/16)
Sound Of Silence, Guyton Mundy (11/16)
Take Me To The River, Roy Verdonk, Jonas Dahlgren (9/16)
Those Russians, Niels Poulsen (1/16)
Walk Of Shame, Simon Ward, Niels Poulsen (6/16)
When You Love Someone, Gary O’Reilly (8/16)
Why Baby Why, Madison Glover (6/16)
Wish I Was, Ria Vos (8/16)
With You I’m Home, Malene Jakobsen (3/16)
Woman Up, Rachael McEnaney-White, Amy Christian (7/16)
You Let Me Shine, Cathy Dacumos (9/16)
Your Heartbeat, Brenda Shatto (3/16)
Your Heaven, Niels Poulsen (7/16)