Below are the top 50 “newer” line dances throughout 2012 that were the most popular in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The list comes from our many DJ gigs in in the area as well as our attendance at many dance venues and events in the Bay Area.  There are many oldies but goodies that are done at all dance venues, but they are not included here. Keep in mind that some of the dances in this list were very popular during the first part of the year, but may not have been as popular toward the end of the year–but the list is for the “entire” year.  Also a dance that was popular in a particular line dance class but no so much around the Bay, is probably left off as well. Most of all, remember that the list is my “expert” opinion only!  (If you would like to have a list of the popular oldies but goodies, feel free to email me.) Cheers!  

Top 50
50 Ways

Alabama Slammin’
Back It Up
Beautiful In My Eyes
Behind The Glass
Bittersweet Memory
Boys Will Be Boys
Call Me Maybe
Dream On Texas Ladies
Drive By
Had A Bad Day
Half Past Nothin’
Hello Dolly
His Only Need
Hurt Me Carefully
I Wanna
Imelda’s Way
I’m No Good
Louisiana Swing
Love You In A Barrel
Misty Blue
My Mysterious
Next To Me
Night Nurse
On The Edge
Outta Control
People Like You
Point Of No Return
Quarter After One
Rock Your Body
Rhyme Or Reason
Scarborough Waltz
Shame & Scandal In The Family
So Fresh
Something In The Water
Soul Fire
Through The Fire
Time Bomb
To Eternity
Together We Dance
Will You Still Love Me
Windy City Waltz
Without Fire