DJ Historical Events

After 20 years as DJs in the San Francisco Bay Area, we retired in 2014 from the DJ world.  It was a fabulous 20 years, and we wouldn’t change a minute of it.  There were many, many memorable DJ venues and nights at which we DJayed over the years and for which we have historical request/play lists!  Below are just a few of them.  (P.S.–we nave NOT retired from teaching!)

Bar graph of DJaying time line over 20-year period:  DJ Historical Chart 20 Years

Our Momentous DJ Events!                                                     Date

4th Friday at the YWCA, Palo Alto, CA:  Oldest                     10/28/94               Oldest YWCA     
record I kept in archives

1st 2nd Friday at the YWCA, Palo Alto, CA                              4/12/96               1st 2nd Fri. YWCA
(the 2nd Friday was in addition to the 4th Friday
YWCA dance)

Line Dance Marathon No. 1, 4-hour event                                8/17/96              Marathon No. 1
sponsored by Country Attitude Productions
(Evelyn Khinoo)

Don Wright Reunion Event (Cowboy Dancin’                          10/27/96            Reunion Workshop
Unlimited), San Mateo, CA; afternoon workshop
and evening dance

Line Dance Marathon No. 2, 4-hour event                                 12/7/96              Marathon No. 2
sponsored by Country Attitude Productions
(Evelyn Khinoo)

Line Dance Marathon No. 3, 4-hour event                                  12/6/97             Marathon No. 3 
sponsored by Country Attitude Production
(Evelyn Khinoo)

LAST Workshop Dance Night of the 20th century                      12/29/99           Last of 21st Century  
(San Francisco Bay Area, Redwood City, CA);
invited instructors:  Mike Sliter, Charlotte
Skeeters, Evelyn Khinoo as sponsor, DJ and

LAST YWCA dance held at the YWCA facility in                          8/22/03            Last YWCA–old         
Palo Alto, CA, due to closure of the building;
moved to All Saint’s Church, Palo Alto, CA

LAST YWCA 4th Friday at All Saint’s Church,                              6/25/04            Last YWCA Ever
Palo Alto, CA; NOTE this was the LAST of the                                                  
YWCA dances ever–very memorable although a
little sad.  Boots ‘n’ Buckles dance at Swiss Park
was closed that night for this special event. (NOTE:
check marks on the list are the dances played)

LAST 2nd Saturday Dance at Barrett                                             9/8/07             Last 2nd Sat. 
Community Center, Belmont, CA, which were
sponsored by
Country Attitude Productions,
Evelyn Khinoo

Lorraine Kurtela 85th Birthday party/dance                                  10/3/09            85th Birthday
held at the Quicksteppers Dance, Belmont, CA

LAST Annual Class Party (18th), Palo Alto, CA,                           12/15/09            Last Class Party
Tuesday nights (P.S. classes continued, just not
the parties!)

Boots ‘n’ Buckles 30th Birthday dance night, Swiss                      7/25/14           30th BnB        
Park, Newark, CA

LAST BnB DJ night–Retirement from Djaying,                              9/12/14            BnB Retirement
held at Centerville Comm. Center, Fremont, CA

LAST Quickstepper DJ night–Retirement from                              10/4/14            QS Retirement
Djaying, held at Sports Complex, Belmont, CA