1st 10-Week Session – Jan. 6 – Mar. 10, 2015 (no class Mar. 10)
A Thousand Miles Karl-Harry Winson
in’ Me
Darren Bailey, Raymond Sarlemijn
Enjoy The Show
Tajali Hall
Hard To Say It!  Niels Poulsen
Hard Work Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris
Hold Me, Thrill Me Charlotte Skeeters
Lipz Maggie Gallagher, Gary O’Reilly, Helen O’Malley
One More Day  Julia Wetzel 
Queen Of My Heart Doug & Jackie Miranda, Gary & Marie Lafferty 

Ready For The Goodlife Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris
Rock & Roll King Rachael McEnaney
She Gives Me Love Brenda Shatto
Tomorrow Will Be Kinder
  Evelyn Khinoo 
Too Blind To See Ria Vos
Turn The Beat Around

Up Peter & Alison
We Only Live Once Robbie McGowan Hickie
Whisper Daniel Trepat, Roy Verdonk
SimonWard, Rachael McEnane

2nd 10-Week Session Mar. 24 – May 26, 2015
2 Story Walkup Charlotte Skeeters
Robbie McGowan Hickie, Karl-Harry Winson

And Get It On Daniel Trepat, Jose Vane
Comeback (clean version)  Dee Musk
Crushin’ It John Robinson
Darling Hold My Hand Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris
Don’t You Remember Dee Musk
Down To The Wire Julia Wetzel
Dreaming In Silver & Gold Peter Metelnick, Alison Biggs 
Far From The Charts Niels Poulsen

Feel The Light Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray
Girl Crush Alison Johnstone, Rachael McEnaney
Goodbye Cha Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris
King Of The World
Hayley Wheatley 
Love Me Like You Do
Ria Vos
Rolling Down Under

Shut Up and Dance Cody Flowers
Slow Burn
John Robinson, Kathy Hunyadi
Thinking Different Ria Vos
Trouble To Me Julia Wetzel
Voices That Care
Simon Ward

3rd 10-Week SessionJune 16 -Aug. 18, 2015
Dancing In The Sky Esmeralda v.d. Pol
Do What You Do Rachael McEnaney-White 
Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Niels Poulsen, Simon Ward 
Flashlight Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris
Foot Play Daniel Whittaker
Gold Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse
Killing Me Softly With His Song  Rhoda Lai 
Gone Already Yvonne Anderson
I Said I Do Daniel Whittaker  
Let It Be Me Amy Glass, Darren Bailey
Mami Chula Julia Wetzel
Mind Over Matter  Simon Ward, Niels Poulsen
Mr Mysterious Rachael McEnaney-White
Mr Put It Down Rachael McEnaney-White, Trevor Thornton
Night Changes R.Verdonk, J.Vane, M.Menendez
Part Of Me Ria Vos
Running  Will Craig  
Sinner Roy Verdonk, Roy Hadisubroto
Slam Goes The Door Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris
That’s The Only Way Rhoda Lai, Ria Vos, Niels Poulsen

4th 11-Week Session – Sept. 8 – Nov. 17, 2015 (11 weeks)
Adorable Ria Vos
Ain’t Misbehavin’  A.Glass,G.Mundy, J.Thompson-Szymanski 

Ain’t No Way
Simon Ward, Debbie Rushton, Jose Vane
Better When I’m Dancin’ Julia Wetzel
City of Angels
  Brenda Shatto 
Cliche Love Song Jo Thompson-Szymanski, John Robinson, Guyton Mundy 
Crazy For You Robbie McGowan Hickie
Extreme Love Niels Poulsen
From The Other Side Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris
Get Your Shoes On
J.Szymanski, S.Blevins
Hit The Base Daniel Whitakker
I Am Michael Barr 
Kiss Me Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris
Kiss You
 Fred Whitehouse
Craig Bennett, Pat Stott
My Father’s Son R.Verdonk. R.Hadisubroto
No Sunshine  Ria Vos
Will Craig
Same Page Roxanne Moates, Bill Larson
The Note
Niels Poulsen,Malene Jakobsen
The Peaceful Valley
Joey Warren, Fred Whitehouse 
Tough Love
Tuesday Blues
Simon Ward

NO CLASSES IN DECEMBER 2015 (Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!)

Total dances taught on Tuesday nights during 2015:  82