Everyone has an opinion; here’s mine.  Here are the 40 dances which seemed to be the most popular during the entire year (throughout the San Francisco Bay Area).  Some dances are more recent, some are from earlier in the year, some are even from the previous year (as their popularity obviously carried over into 2013).  The info is taken from our DJ playlists throughout the year, and from our own attendance at dances throughout the bay (there were a lot of those dance venues that’s for sure!). Your personal favorite may not be here, but again, the list is my own assessment taken from the above, as mentioned.  Also there is always a list of oldies but goodies (very old) that seem to be standards, as well as a list of long-time favorites–those are obviously not included in the list below.  If anyone would like a list of those, just email me.  P.S.  A lot of the paragraph is the same as in 2012 but the message is much the same!

Correction:  I inadvertently left out the dance 1-2-3-4 in my first version of the list. So, there are 41.

Top 40
50 Ways
A Liquid Lunch
Be My Baby Now
Beautiful In My Eyes
Believe In Me
Boys Will Be Boys
Call Me Maybe
Dream Lover
Drive By
Faking It
Girl Power
Gleefully There
Happy Dance
Heaven’s Just A Sin Away
Hello Dolly
Hurt Me Carefully
I Hope You Find It
If I Had Wings
Night Nurse
No Man’s Land
Pavement Ends
Remember That 
San Francisco Bay Blues
Shakin’ My Head
The Good Life
The Thunderer
Thousands of Songs
Throw Away The Key
Time Bomb
To Eternity
Together We Dance
Treat Me Right
Waltzing At Twilight
When I Was Your Man
WOW Tokyo
Wrong Side Slide