Evelyn’s Choreography

BLUE dances use country music
RED dances use non-country music

Attitude (Jan. 1996)
Black & White Rag (May 1997)
Blue Kentucky (Jan. 2008)
Blue Ribbons (Apr. 2001)
Dancin’, Romancin’ (Aug. 2003)
Down By The Riverside (Jan. 2001)
Dream On Texas Ladies  (Jan. 2012)  
For The Good Times  (Jan. 2012)
Going Going Gone! (co-choreography with Charlotte Skeeters) (2000)
Good Hearted Woman  (instructional);   
(demo)  (Jan. 2014)
how sweet it is (May 1997) (new choreography winner, Pismo Beach Western Days Festival)
I Never Knew Grandma Could Rollerblade! (April 1997)
If My Friends Could See Me Now (May 1999)
If Feels So Right (Sept. 2001)
Jump Start (May 1995) (new choreography winner, The Golden Gate Classic Line Dance Festival, San Francisco)
Mambo Across Texas  (Aug. 2000)
Maverick Waltz  (Sept. 1995)  (new choreography winner, The Harvest Festival, Gilroy)
No Thanks, I’ll Walk  (Nov. 1997)
Picture Perfect (July 1998)
Raise Me Up  (Feb. 2009) 
Saturday Matinee  (Aug. 1999) (new chor. winner The Golden Gate Classic Line Dance Festival, San Fran.)
Silk & Satin  (Dec. 1995)   last video is from a cassette in 1997, somewhat blurry but original
Spanish Harlem (Jan. 2013) 
Take A Look  (Jan. 1997)

That Night In Tennessee (Dec. 1999)
That Wasn’t My Chair (June 2003 Rev.)
That’s My Hat  That’s My Hat pg. 2 (1996) (new choreography winner, Pismo Beach Western Days Festival)
The Claxton Stomp & Go  (July 1995) (don’t forget the cowboy in the corner!)
The Lady & Me (June 2001)
Tomorrow Will Be Kinder  (Jan. 2015)   (Most Recent)
Wait On The Corner
What’s The Hurry
(Sept. 1997)

You Are My Sunshine (May 2004)