The “Top 40 New Favorite Dances of 2015” in the San Francisco Bay Area are listed below (compiled by yours truly).  I attended many dances and socials on weekends around the Bay during 2015, and the dances that filled the floors most of the time, in my humble opinion, are on this list.  Also, remember that dances on the list were those only choreographed in 2015! 

A Thousand Miles, Karl-Harry Winson (1/15/)
Ain’t No Angel, M. Jakobsen, D. McLaughlin (2/15)
Ain’t No Way, S. Ward, D. Rushton, J. Vane (10/15)
Alvaro, R. McGowan-Hickie, Karl-Harry Winson (5/15)
And Get It On, Daniel Trepat, Jose Vane (3/15) 
Better When I’m Dancin,’ Julia Wetzel (10/15)
Cliche Love Song, J.Szymanski, J.Robinson, G.Mundy (10/15)
Darling Hold My Hand, Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris (3/15)
Do What You Do, Rachael McEnaney-White (5/15)
Dock Of The Bay, Rachael McEnaney-White (10/15)
Don’t Let The Sun Go Down, S. Ward, N. Poulsen (5/15)
Don’t Make Me Suffer, J.Vane, S.Holtland, R.Verdonk (8/15)
Down To The Wire, Julia Wetzel (3/15/)
Elektrisk, R.Sarlemijn, D.Bailey, R.Hadsbrto, K.Haugen (10/15)
Extreme Love, Niels Poulsen (8/15)
Feel The Light, Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray (3/15)
Flashlight, Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris (5/15)
Foot Play, Daniel Whittaker (6/15)
Girl Crush, R. McEnaney-White, Alison Johnstone (3/15)
Hard To Say It, Niels Poulsen (1/15)

Lately, Craig Bennett, Pat Stott (8/15)
Like Coca Cola, Wil Bos (5/15)

Love Me Like You Do, Ria Vos (1/15)
My Father’s Son, Roy Verdonk, Roy Hadisubroto (10/15)
Never Been To Spain, Jo Thompson-Szymanski (8/15)
Painting Pillows, Rachael McEnaney-White (10/15)
Riversoul, Rachael McEnaney-White (5/15)
Rolling Down Under, Simon Ward, Ria Vos (5/15)
Running, Will Craig (6/15)
Shake Your Boom Boom, Malene Jakobsen (1/15)
Sinatra & Chardonnay, Peter Metelnick, Alison Biggs (8/15)
Slam Goes The Door, Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris (3/15)
Strip It Down, Rachael McEnaney-White (10/15)
Sugar Rush, Trevor Thornton (2/15)
Tomorrow Will Be Kinder, Evelyn Khinoo (1/15/)

Tuesday Blues, Simon Ward (9/15)

Turn The Beat Around, Dee Musk, Rob Fowler (1/15)
Voices That Care, Simon Ward (3/15)
Wakey, Wakey, Jo Thompson-Szymanski, S. Blevins (1/15)
Witness, Fred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey (7/15)