Interm./Advanced Class

Lucie Stern Center Ballroom
1305 Middlefield Road

Palo Alto, CA (USA)
Map/Directions  (click)

Tuesday evenings:  7:00-9:00 pm

Current 10 Week Session:  Jan. 9 – Mar. 13, 2018


Entry fee per class with BOOST ACCOUNT (minimum no. of classes you may purchase on your account at one time is 10):
– Seniors, 60+: 
– Non Seniors, under 60:  $7.50

Drop-in fee without a Boost Account is $15.00 (BUT, come anyway, as I have a provision for a one-time or perhaps two-time drop-in!)

 What is a Boost account?  SO EASY PEASY!
Call the Rec. Dept. at the Lucie Stern Center to sign up for a Boost account for the Tues. night line dance classes–all done on line. The account works like a debit card. Purchase 10 classes (min.).  Each time you come to class your account is debited (as you sign in each night).  Your Boost account never expires.  If you miss a class, you are not charged. Also, you can use your Boost for any fitness/health class in The City of Palo Alto that participates in this program, such as Zumba, Yoga, etc.  When your funds run out, just go on line and re-load your account. 

If you forget your account number, come to class anyway.  We can accommodate.  You can also sign in a friend on your own account number. No one is ever turned away!  If you come on a regular basis, you’ll need a Boost account.

Registration contact info for Rec. Dept.–at Lucie Stern (2018):
Margie Cain
650-463-4919 (Lucie Stern)