1st 10-Week Session:  Jan.-Mar. 2012
Blackout   Michael Barr
Blue Eyes Cryin’
Charyle Hartje 
Cabana Boy
  Michele Burton
Dream On Texas Ladies   Evelyn Khinoo 

Domenica  Rep Ghazali 
For The Good Times  Evelyn Khinoo

Gypsy Rose  Lorraine Kurtela  
Had A Bad Day  Rachael McEnaney 
I Get A Kick Out Of You  Charlotte Skeeters
If I  Esmeralda v.d. Pol & Antoinette Roks 
I’m In Love   Maggie Gallagher 
Jive Q  Jun Adriz…al, d’ULD-Pusat 
Lady Grace  Yvonne Anderson

Language of the Heart  Ria Vos  
Love’s Kiss  John Robinson
Loving You!  Niels Poulsen
Misty Blue   Julia Wetzel 
Pink  Roy Verdonk, Wil Bos, Christina Boudewijns 
Rock This Party  Simon Ward
San Bernardino   Maria Tao 
Take Me To Your Heart   Maria Tao 

2nd 10-Week Session:  Apr.-Mid June 2012 
1929   Robbie McGowan Hickie & Kate Sala 

A Sweet Surrender Juliet Lam
Balada Francien Sittrop

Be Home Soon Ria Vos
Behind The Glass  Debbie McLaughlin  
Bossa Nova Baby   Maddy Glover 
Come Tomorrow   Michele Perron
Disaster   Junior Willis 
Don’t Cry For Me   Maria Tao  
Eres Tu  Peter & Alison 

Funky Pump Mix  Michele Perron
Jamaican Love  Ria Vos 
Late Night Bimbo  Debbie McLaughlin
One Day  Julia Wetzel
Ray Of Light  Simon Ward
Right About Now  Craig Bennett   
Scarborough Waltz  Larry Schmidt  
Sorrento  Michele Perron
The Great Waltz  Maria Tao
To Infinity And Beyond Kirsten Matthiesen
What Am I To You  Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris 
You Can Do Magic  Dee Musk 

3rd 10-Week Session:  Mid June-Aug. 2012
A Rich Life  Francien Sittrop   
Beautiful In My Eyes  Simon Ward  
Black Heart  Kate Sala 
Bluegrass Waltz Terry Hogan 
Boys Will Be Boys   Rachael McEnaney 
Call Me Maybe  Craig Bennett 
I Ain’t Never  Guyton Mundy
Larger Than Life  Simon Ward  
Made To Fly  Craig Bennett 
Mambo Down Under  Ira Weisburg & Alison Johnstone 
Night Nurse  Dee Musk  
No Food To Eat Rep Ghazali 
Playmate Forevermore  Ethel Prime
Point of No Return  Ria Vos    
Shame & Scandal In The Family  Rep Ghazali    
Susie Darling  DJ Dan & Winnie  
Through The Fire  Scott Blevns, Jo Thompson-Szymanski  
Time Bomb  Craig Bennett     
Together We Dance  Peter & Alison 
Want You In My Life  Sue Hsu  
When Will I See You Again  Maria Tao  
Will You Still Love Me  Kathy Chang 

4th 10-Week Session:  Sept.-Nov. 2012 
50 Ways Patt Stott 
Bad Moon Rising  Maria Tao 
Beautiful  Ira Weisburd 
Beautiful Surprise  Junior Willis, Scott Schrank 
Breathless Simon Ward
Can’t Shake You  Peter & Alison   
Don’t Stay
  Lisa McCammon, Brenda Shatto 
Drive By  Daniel Whitakker 
Flower  Niels Poulsen, Louise Kjaer 
Happy Dance  Jan Wyllie 

Humanised  Jo Thompson Szymanski, Scott Blevins
Hurry Up Love Me  Julia Wetzel   
If Heaven  Darren Bailey
Let It Play  Dee Musk 
Oh Girl  Julia Wetzel 
Pontoon  Gail Smith 

Rise & Shine  Simon Ward 
Soul Fire  Ria Vos 
Ting Ting  Francien Sittrop 
Vikki Morris 
Twinkle  Rhoda Lai 
Who Else But You
  Ria Vos 

Dances Taught at Mini-Marathon, Dec. 11, 2012
1.  Just Be  Craig Bennett (waltz) 
2.  Let Her Go  Francien Sittrop  
3.  Better With You  Ria Vos, Dee Musk 
 The Claxton Stomp & Go  Evelyn Khinoo

TOTAL (for our Palo Alto class) Taught exactly 90 dances this year at our “once-a-week” class in Palo Alto, CA!  (Includes the 4 from our annual Mini-Marathon Dec. 11.) Congrats to you who learned all the above dances–or even came close!