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Thank you for visiting our site (launched 5/27/2012)We are all about line dancing in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USAHere you will findeach month’s top fav. newer dances from around the Bay, teach schedules, dances taught, dance venues, events, choreography, links, my blog, and other fun stuff we happen to think about—like photos, posts, etc. We hope you’ll come back often, and perhaps visit in person some day. 


Favorites Box.  Below are NEW dances (remember, not more than 6 mos. old) that were favorites on San Francisco Bay Area dance floors for the month ending FEBRUARY 2017
Drop Dead Gorgeous, Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris (12/16)
Heaven On Earth, Simon Ward, Malene Jakobsen (10/16)

I Came To Love You, Gary O’Reilly, Dee Musk (9/16)
Italiano, R.McEnaney-White, N.Poulsen, S.McKeever (10/16)
Neverland, Rhoda Lai, Jo Kinser, Ruben Luna (9/16)
Oops Baby, Cody Flower, Rachael McEnaney White (12/16)
Pink Champagne, Rachael McEnaney-White (1/17)
Pom Poms, F.Whitehouse, D.Trepat, G.Richard (10/16)

Recovering, Guillaume Richard (9/16)
Road Less Traveled, Guillaume Richard (1/17)
Shady, Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Amy Glass (12/16)n

Step Out & Shine, Cathy & Claudio Dacumos (1/17)
Take Me To The River, Roy Verdonk, Jonas Dahlgren (9/16)
Tango With Me Darling, Rob Fowler, Daniel Whittaker (1/17)
Tell Your Heart To Beat Again, M.Barr, J.Kinser, J.Dahlgren (12/16)
Thy Will, Joey Warren (2/17)
Wish I Was, Ria Vos (8/16)

COMING UP!   6th Annual Line Dance Connection 2017
Many have sang this George Jones song, but not quite like one of my all time favorites, Tom Jones.  Take a look/listen!


Mar. 21 – NO class–one week Spring break, as usual

TEACHES Mar. 28:  Class will be back at the Lucie Stern Center (see locations tab at top)
1.  For Once In My Life  Michael Barr                                                2.  TBA
Reviews will be some of these:  (see Dances Taught tab for more)
Jose Vane, Simon Ward
Every Weekend Brenda Shatto, Barbara Tobin
Look Good Again Darren Bailey
Pink Champagne  Rachael McEnaney-White
Stay My Love Maggie Gallagher
Thy Will Joey Warren
Thumbs Up Amy Glass, Scott Blevins
Tell Your Heart To Beat Again Jo Kinser, Jonas Dahlgren, Michael Barr
When Someone Stops Loving You Julia Wetzel
Worth Fighting For Roy Verdonk, Jef Camps

WEDNESDAY Teaches – Beginner, Menlo Park:

TEACH Mar. 22:  Tell Him That Frank Trace



           Hide And Seek                                                              Chained To The Rhythm Line Dance