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Thank you for visiting our site (launched 5/27/2012)We are all about line dancing in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USAHere you will findeach month’s top fav. newer dances from around the Bay, teach schedules, dances taught, dance venues, events, choreography, links, my blog, and other fun stuff we happen to think about—like photos, posts, etc. We hope you’ll come back often, and perhaps visit in person some day. 

Favorites Box
NEW dances (remember, not more than 6 mos. old) that are favorites on San Francisco Bay Area dance floors for the month ending JULY 2016 (those in red are country songs):

Blackpool By The Sea, Gaye Teather (2/16)
Carry You Home, Fred Whitehouse (4/16)

Corazon Diamonte, R.Verdonk, M.Gallagher, G.O’Reilly (4/16)
Dance Like Your Daddy, Julia Wetzel (5/16)
Die A Happy Man, R.McEnaney-White, J.Warren (2/16)

Digital Age, R.Verdonk, J.Vane, D.Trepat (3/16)
Handclap, Bracken Ellis, Brandon Zahorsky (5/16)
Harden Up Princess, Simon Ward (6/16)
I Know A Guy, Simon Ward (4/16)

Maybe Tomorrow, Niels Poulsen, Malene Jakobsen (7/16)
Mom The Bomb!, Niels Poulsen, Alexis Strong (5/16)
My Church, Rafael & Ariadna Corbi (4/16)
Pieces, Dustin Betts (6/16)
Rock And Roll Music, Rachael McEnaney-White (6/16)
Solo Amor, R.Fowler, V.Scott, F.Buckley, J.Madge (4/16)

Walk Of Shame, Simon Ward, Niels Poulsen (6/16)
Woman Up, Rachael McEnaney-White, Amy Christian (7/16)
Why Baby Why, Maddison
Glover (6/16)

our Heartbeat, Brenda Shatto (3/16)


   TUESDAY  Teaches – Inter./Adv., Palo Alto:

Teaches:  Class is on summer break Aug. 2 – Aug. 29;  CLASS RESUMES AUG. 30

   WEDNESDAY Teaches – Beginner, Menlo Park:

August 24:  Lullaby Waltz  Tina Argyle

See a list of Beginner dances that can be done with Intermediate dances on “Dances Taught” tab at top then under 2016 Beginner.