1st 10-Week Session: Jan. 6 – Mar. 8, 2016 (click on dance then select a video to watch)
About Feelings Ria Vos
Ain’t Misbehavin
Jo Thompson Szymanski, Guyton Mundy, Amy Glass
Cake By The Ocean Scott Blevins
Ria Vos
Hey Hey Hallelujah Dee Musk, Rob Fowler, Shelly Guichard and Conor McVeigh

Is It Over Niels Poulsen, Fred Whitehouse
Let’s Run Away Together Barbara Seelt
Making History
Craig Bennett, Simon Ward, Dee Musk
Mirror Mirror
Robbie McGowan Hickie, Dwight Meesen
Peace In The Valley
  Yvonne Anderson
Pieces Don’t Fit
Tajali Hall
Playing With Fire
Craig Bennett

Point Of No Return Ria Vos
Roses And Violets
Amy Glass
Save The Day
Karl-Harry Winson
Slamming Doors Rob Fowler

Sugar Honey I.T. Johanna Barnes
Talking To The Moon
  Joey Warren

The Peaceful Valley Joey Warren
Those Russians
Niels Poulsen
You Can Dance
Doug & Jackie Miranda
2nd 10-Week Session: Mar.22 – May 24, 2016 (click on dance then select a video to watch)
Along For The Ride Terry Hogan
Bad Influence
Mark Furnell and Jo & John Kinser
Carry You Home Fred Whitehouse
Dance Like Your Daddy Julia Wetzel
Dancing Kizomba
J.Vane, et al
Die A Happy Man
Rachael McEnaney-White, Joey Warren
Digital Age  Daniel
Feel Good
Shane McKeever
I Know What You Did Last Summer Fiona Murray, Roy Hadisubroto
I Know A Guy Simon Ward
Is it Desire
 Niels Poulsen, Ray Sarlemijn

Mom The Bomb! Niels Poulsen, Alexis Strong
My Church Rafel Corbi & Ariadna Corbi
Secret Love
Maggie Gallagher
Solo Amor
Vivienne Scott, Fred Buckley, Rob Fowler, J.Madge
The Waiting Game  Joey Warren, Fred Whitehouse
Vision Of
Simon Ward, Linda McCormack
Way Down We Go Will Craig
What’s The Pressure
Rhoda Lai
With You I’m Home
Malene Jakobsen

3rd 10-Week Session: June 7 – Aug. 9, 2016 (click on dance then select a video to watch)
Always You Ria Vos
Blue Ain’t Your Color Roy Verdonk, Jose Vane
By My Side (Cheryl’s Dance)
Larry Bass
Come And Get It Darren Bailey
Corazon Diamante R.Verdonk. M.Gallagher, G.O’Reilly
Harden Up Princess Harden
Up Princess
High On Loving You Will Craig
How You Like It 

I Can’t Do This Darren Bailey
Is It Over Niels Poulsen
Maybe Tomorrow Niels Poulsen, Malene Jakobsen
Mind Over Matter
Simon Ward, Niels Poulsen
Only A Woman Niels Poulsen
Pieces Dustin Betts
Rock And Roll Music Rachael McEnaney-White
Step Dancing 
Walk Of Shame
. Si
mon Ward, Niels Poulsen
Woman Up Rachael McEnaney-White, Amy Christian
Why Baby Why Maddy Glover
Your Heartbeat
Brenda Shatto

4th 10-Week Session: Aug. 30 – Nov. 22, 2016 (click on dance then select a video to watch)
Come On Come On Julia Wetzel
Grand Master Sexy  Karl-Harry Winson
Heaven On Earth Simon Ward, Malene Jakobsen
Hold Me Up Fiona Murray, Roy Hadisubroto
Human After All Ria Vos
I Came To Love You Gary O’Reilly, Dee Musk

I’m That Somebody Brenda Shatto
Italiano Rachael McEnaney-White, Niels Poulsen, Shane McKeever
Keep It Groovin’ Jo Thompson-Szymanski, Scott Blevins

Kick A Little Dirt Around  R.Fowler, H.Barton
Lemonade Jo Thompson-Szymanski, Malene Jakobsen
Mirror Mirror Guillaume Richard
Neverland Rhoda Lai, Jo Kinser, Ruben Luna
Pom Poms F.Whitehouse, D.Trepat, G.Richard
Recovering Guillaume Richard
So Good Ria Vos, Shelly Guichard
So Just Dance Dance Dance Jose Vane, Guillaume Richard
Sound of Silence Guyton Mundy
Take Me To The River Roy Verdonk, Jonas Dahlgren
Till The Diggy Dawn Will Craig, Danny Malenfant
When You Love Someone  Gary O’Reilly
Why I Love You Niels Poulsen
Will you call me Niels Poulsen
You Let Me Shine Cathy Dacumos
Zillionaire G.Mundy, T.Thornton, W.Craig

Total dances taught:  86