1st 6-Week Session (start of classes in Menlo Park!):  Jan. 11 – Feb. 15, 2012
Beginner Stroll  
Country As Can Be    
Cowboy Charleston 

Eye Candy    
Eezee Boogie 
Mamma Maria   

2nd 8-Week Session: Feb. 29 – Apr. 11
After Five Stomp
Alley Cat
Chocolate City Hustle
Elvira Freeze (Elvira)
(also known as Texas Freeze or Elvira) 
Feeling Kind Of Lonely
I Just Called To Say I Love You
  Gerina Aarhus
My, My, My
Yes Sir That’s My Baby 

3rd 8-Week Session:  Apr. 25 – June 13
Big Bang Boogie  
Come Dance With Me     
EZ Amame   (interm. is Amame)
Guantanamera Breeze   (interm. is Guantanamera)
T&G (Hurricane)
Magic  (interm. is You Can Do Magic)
My Pretty Belinda
Rockin Robin  (music video

4th 8-Week SessionJune 27 – Aug. 22
Ain’t Going Nowhere
Lori Wong  
Alley Cat
Cut A Rug 
Go Seven
Pencil Thin What   (interm. is Pencil Thin Mustache)
Reet Petite
The Locomotion
(interm. is Mars Attack)

5th 8-Week Session:  Sept. 5 – Oct. 24
A Little Love Worth Waiting 4   (interm. is Love Worth Waiting For)
Buzz Me   
Cowboy Boogie 
Gold Digger 
Hooked On Country
Lover’s Heart
Monster Mash Mix
Not Missing You 
Swing Sweet Chariot  

6th 8-Week Session:  Nov. 7, 2012 – Jan. 2, 2013
A Touch of Rumba 
Juliet Lam  This dance has 28 videos on Copper Knob associated with it!  Wow!
Bayou Dreams Larry Bass
Beginner Stroll 
Duck Soup  Frank Trace 
Little Boy  Sue Hsu  (interm. is Boys Will Be Boys)
Mini Barrel  Niels Poulsen  (interm. is Love You In A Barrel)
Pa-Dum-Bum  Amy Christian 
Seduced  Ira Weisburd 
Shame & Scandal Lite   Norm Gifford (interm. is Shame Scandal in The Family)
Strait Cha Cha  Sal Gonzalez 

Total:  50