1st 10-Week Session:  Jan. 8 – Mar. 12, 2013 
Anything  Dee Musk
Be Glorious  Francien Sittrop
Danny’s Song  Danny’s Song 
Drunk On Love  Niels Poulsen
Forever You 
Maria Tao 
Gleefully There  Rachael McEnaney 
Gotta Be Somebody  Guyton Mundy  
Heaven’s Just A Sin Away  Gary Clayton  
I Wanna
Gerard Murphy, Frank Trace, Michael Barr 
I’ll Walk With You  Paul Dornstedt, Juliet Lam, Timothy To  
Let The Sky Fall  Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris 
Long Distance Love  Dee Musk 
Pavement Ends  Gudrun Schneider 
Rhythm of the Night  Simon Ward 
Spanish Harlem  Evelyn Khinoo
Stay   Jo & John Kinser
Till Now
  Doug & Jackie Miranda  
To Eternity 
Simon Ward, Niels Poulsen 
Treasure Craig Bennett, Linda McCormack  
Treat Me Right  Julia Wetzel
When You Say My Name  Maria Maag  

2nd 10-Week Session:  Mar. 26 – May 28, 2013
A Liquid Lunch Francien Sittrop
Begin The Beguine 
Charlotte Skeeters
Believe In Me (Eng) 

Boom Sh-Boom  Rachael McEnaney 
Come Together 2013  Debbie McLaughlin 
Faking It  Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
From Latin With Love  Ria Vos, Karl-Harry Winson, Vivienne Scott, Fred Buckley
Just…”Bob”  Charlotte Skeeters
Love Affair Kate Sala
Oh So Beautiful  Niels Poulsen
Pencil Thin Mustache    Charlotte Skeeters 
Satisfy My Love  Roy Hadisubroto 
Shake The Room  Craig Bennett, Karl-Harry Winson
Short Small Sally  Roy Hadisubroto 
Slip Maggie Gallagher
Throw Away The Key  Peter & Alison
Time In A Bottle  Peter & Alison
Voila  Charlotte Skeeters
Voodoo Jive  Adrian Churm 
Waltzing At Twilight John Demiec
Whatjado That Fo’ 
Scott Schrank, Pam Lindsey, Tina Foster, Derek Steele, B. Potter, John Robinson, S. Purulesk

3rd 10-Week Session:  June 18 – Aug. 27, 2013 (11 weeks)
Be My Baby Now  Rachael McEnaney & Vicky St. Pierre 
Better With You  Dee Musk & Ria Vos
Cotton Time Sophia Archimbaud 
Dreams I Dream  Robbie McGowan Hickie
From Russia With Love  Dee Musk 
Hey Love  Niels Poulsen 
Jumpin Up Robbie McGowan Hickie
Kreedom Michele Perron, Jo Thompson Szymanski
My Spanish Love   Simon Ward
No Man’s Land  Ria Vos  
One Drop Of Love Rona Kaye
Outta My Heart (Get Out)  Johanna Barnes 
Pride In Me  Kate Sala, Craig Bennett
San Francisco Bay Blues  Maria Tao
Solayoh  Kate Sala, Dee Musk, Robbie McGowan Hickie
Spotlight  Dee Musk
That’s Where I’ll Be Dee Musk
The Lone Ranger  Jeanette Feinberg 
Thousands of Songs  Jennifer Choo, Eddie Chang
Unconditional  Peter & Alison 
Wagon Wheel Rock
  Yvonne Anderson  
Where We Belong  Rachael McEnaney, Simon Ward
Wow Tokyo  Ria Vos, Kate Sala, Tokyo Dancers
You’re Amazing Guyton Mundy

4th 12-Week Session:  Sept. 10 – Dec. 10, 2013 (12 weeks)
Always Alone  Niels Poulsen
If I Had Wings Dee Musk
Counting Stars  Simon Ward
Girl Power Simon Ward
I Hope You Find It Niels Poulsen
If I Had Wings  Dee Musk
Jump On A Ride  Ria Vos
Jumpin’ The Gun Jo Thompson Szymanski, Jackie Miranda, Judy McDonald
Let There Be Love  Sobrielo Philip Gene 
Knockin’ On Wood  Daniel Whitakker, Karl-Harry Winson
Memories Are Made Of This  Maria Tao 
No Life After You  Guyton Mundy
Once Upon A December  Jo Thompson Szymanski 
Remember That  Rachael McEnaney
Running Scared Yvonne Anderson
Sexy Lady  Craig Bennett 
Shakin’ My Head Guyton Mundy, Chris Atkinson
Somewhere In My Car  Rachael McEnaney
The Good Life 
Rachael McEnaney
The Thunderer  Roy Verdonk, Wil Bos
This Is Me  Yvonne Anderson
Up All Night  Dee Musk, Kate Sala, Craig Bennett, Robbie McGowan Hickie
Wrong Side Slide  Jill Babinec, Jo Thompson Szymanski
You’re Gonna Miss Me  Sobrielo Philip Gene

Total intermediate/advanced dances taught for 2013:  91