Favs. Dec. 2017

DECEMBER Favorites Box.  Remember, these are NEW dances (not more than 6 mos. old) that were favorites on San Francisco Bay Area dance floors for the month ending DEC. (past months in side bar)
Beautiful Wonderful, Debbie Rushton, Jannie Andersen (9/17)
Boots, Maddison Glover (10/17)
Delilah, Ria Vos (7/17)
Electric Love, Amy Glass (9/17)
Everybody’s Groovin’, JoThompson-Szymanski, Rhoda Lai (8/17)
Gentleman, Julia Wetzel (6/17)
Hurts Like A Cha Cha, S.Ward, F.Whitehouse, D.Trepat (10/17)
Lonely Drum, Darren Mitchell (6/17)
Mates Of Soul, Niels Poulsen, Guillaume Richard, Gary O’Reilly (10/17)
My Reason, Roy Verdonk, Jef Camps, Betty Alart (8/17)
Oh Mama Hey, Jo Thompson-Szymanski, Guyton Mundy (10/17)
Peculiar Game, Fred Whitehouse, Georgina Dixon (8/17)
She’s Gone Roy Verdonk, Jef Camps, Jonas Dahlgren (10/17)
Should Be Loved, Rachael McEnaney-White (10/17)
Sweet Caroline, Darren Bailey (11/17)
Teenage Dreams, Rob Fowler, Helen O’Malley (8/17)
The Night Time, Cathy Dacumos (10/17)
Think I’m Sexy, Rachael McEnaney-White, Laura Lopez (8/17)
To The Moon & Back, Gary O’Reilly, Debbie Rushton (11/17)
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