Favs. April 2017

Favorites Box.  Below are NEW dances (remember, not more than 6 mos. old) that were favorites on San Francisco Bay Area dance floors for the month ending APRIL 2017 (see past months’ favorites in side bar)
East To West 17, Alison Johnstone, Simon Ward 1/17)
Fooling Around, Simon Ward, Julia Wetzel (4/17)
For Once In My Life, Michael Barr (3/17)
Heaven On Earth, Simon Ward, Malene Jakobsen (10/16)
Italiano, R.McEnaney-White, N.Poulsen, S.McKeever (10/16)
Love Remains, Gary O’Reilly (1/17)
Oops Baby, Cody Flower, Rachael McEnaney White (12/16)
Pink Champagne, Rachael McEnaney-White (1/17)
Refund To My Heart, Ria Vos (3/17)
Run Me Like A River, Kinsers, R.Verdonk, G.Richard, J.Camps (3/17)
Shady, Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Amy Glass (12/16)
Step Out & Shine, Cathy & Claudio Dacumos (1/17)
Tango With Me Darling, Rob Fowler, Daniel Whittaker (1/17)
Tell Your Heart To Beat Again, M.Barr, J.Kinser, J.Dahlgren (12/16)
Thy Will, Joey Warren (2/17)
When Someone Stops Loving You, Julia Wetzel (2/17)
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